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Gecko Installation

I have been asked to evaluate lunascape by customers who wanted to give it a try. I attempted to install but Gecko fails to install claiming connectivity problems. After a number of attempts I read your forums and found a number of individuals with similar problems. No one has bothered to reply so WHATS THE FUCKING POINT? I have better things to do than waste my time with this so I will tell my customers not to bother and to tell their friends the same.


It also resets internet default to IE and mail default from Outlook (in my case).


just not up to scratch.



Reb Mem

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The problem is that GeckoOnlineSetup.exe (on my Vista PC under C:\Program Files\Lunascape\Lunascape6\plugins\{9BDD5314-20A6-4d98-AB30-8325A95771EE} ) tries to install the non-existent file GeckoSetup4590.exe from . There are a few GeckoSetup4590_*.exe files available on that link, I tried downloading and running them (from my local Download folder on my C:\), but Lunascape still complains that the Gecko plugin is not installed. I hope Lunascape can fix this!

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