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Gecko/ Extended Mode

Hi there!

I’ve been using your product for quite some time but there’s a bug that bothers me—

I mostly use Gecko engine with all my favorite add-ons for Firefox. Most of my add-ons work fine. however not all of them- a few of them appear to be broken outside Gecko’s “Extended Mode”. I do not like having Gecko’s “Extended Mode” turned on at all times, prefer Lunascape’s U.I a lot more.

On an example, when you have uBlock Origin installed(from Firefox Plugin Store) and click the “uBlock” icon from Lunascape’s interface(see screen 1), uBlock’s interface will NOT pop up and uBlock itself won’t really work. I have had a lot of trouble with add-ons in the past, but just recently figured out that what you need to do is turn on “Extended Mode” and then it will work(see scree 2). This is kinda bothersome, I am pretty sure you did not make Luna U.I list my Firefox icons so I can watch add-on buttons because they’re aesthetic. I am pretty sure that it is not supposed to be like that and Gecko’s “Extended Mode” is not mandatory because only a few extensions do not work with it turned off. Me and my friends, we’ve come to like your browser for work and personal stuff but this bug is troublesome and gives us headache. Would you please fix that issue? Right now I have “Extended Mode” turned on so I can actually use extensions like uBlock or PM 2.5 and it’s really really inconvenient.

Hope you can fix this soon, thanks for listening!

backup images:

screen 1( Gecko default, simple mode, luna ui):

screen 2(Gecko default, extended mode, gecko/firefox ui):


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