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Are you planning to update the search engines?

I used to use Lunascape and until I saw it mentioned in an article today I had completely forgotten about it. But I do remember that at first I absolutely loved it. The article I mentioned referred to the possibility that while lunascape used three (search engines?) I think that is what I mean but anyway whatever the correct term the reason lunascape was so cool was the fact that it uses three (?term?) instead of just one. Unfortunately, the three (?engines?) are now out of date. Which is probably the reason I quit using it as the older and more out of date they become the less useful the browser is, correct? So, since I have been reminded of how much I actually did love lunascape, my question is.......   Will Lunasacpe be updating the engines or, in other words, will the part of the browser that makes it possibly one the coolest browsers ever invented , be brought into the ever-changing present and move past the dated engine or "proper term"? Because I  would like to go back to Lunascape but since I use my computer for home, school, and business, I really need to be able to access many different websites that call 4 different browsers/engines.

Holly Cook

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Dear Holly Cook,

Thank you for your comment on the user forum.
Triple engines of Lunascape for Windows mean not triple search engines but triple rendering engines (=web browser engine).
Below is a brief explanation of rendering engine.

We keep developing and updating triple engines on Lunascape, so you can use them even now.
Please use our Lunascape for your comfortable web browsing!

In addition, iLunascape for iOS and Android does not have triple rendering engines.
We do not have a plan to add another rendering engine for iLunascape now.

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