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How Lunascape 9.6.3 Vertical view is better ?


Question 1) I was trying to create a POC on Lunascape that how its better then other tools.. And the point which impacted me the most was the Vertical view where a single page could be open in side by side 3 different engines like (Trident, Gecko , Webkit) but I was suddenly shot this question that how is it better then the reshaping the 3 different Engines made to fit in same page and I had NO answer to this question that how this tool is better then open 3 different browsers and reshaping,, Please any of you could help me understand this ?

Question 2) I have Safari and Chrome both on my system and i have installed the add-on as well but when I check in webkit in Lunascape it displays always Safari, How do I get to see chrome ? or is it we have a common engine from Safari and Chrome (Webkit) So it displays just any1.

Many Thanks..!!

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sarfraz ahmad

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