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How to disable Java?

Many major security sites include browser-specific instructions regarding how to disable Java (or the Oracle JRE), due to the major flaw exploitation that has been in the news so much lately. Oracle's most recent "fix" was shot down in about 3 hours, and CERT and other organizations continue to "strongly advise" users to disable Java in their browser if they can't completely remove Java for other reasons. This is a very serious vulnerability, detailed by Krebs and others, and it appears that Oracle is also ignoring almost 50 other critical security flaws in the JRE.  There is a compendium of related links available at Computer Security News for those who are interested.

Can you provide instruction to disable Java for Lunascape?

Thanks in advance!

Steve Thornburg

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for using Lunascape!

To disable Java in Lunascape, open Tools - Lunascape Settings..., go to the tab Advanced - Security, and deselect the option "Allow Java". Clicking "Apply" or "OK" then makes the change take effect.


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