Version 2.0 of iLunascape for Android released (07/20/2012)

Version 2.0 of iLunascape for Android released

iLunascape for Android version 2.0 is available for download as of today.

What’s new
In this version, in order to provide users with increased security on the web, we introduce the first Seal-in-Browser in the world, developed in collaboration with VeriSign Inc. Japan. When “Norton Secured Seal” is displayed on the address bar, it signifies that the website is secure. With the compatibility of online bookmarks in iLunascape with Firefox sync, you can sync your bookmarks with your Lunascape or Firefox browser on a PC. Holding down on a tab brings up the Tab Menu, which we have created to make menu functions easier and faster to use.

We are actively seeking feedback from Android users – please let us know what you think about our browser. Download iLunascape for Android from the iLunascape download page and tell us about your browsing experience!

About iLunascape for Android

Adding to our long track record of developing high-powered tabbed browsers for both desktop and iOS, we have brought you iLunascape for Android OS. Building on our research into what constitutes comfortable use of an Android device, we have developed a powerful but light portable desktop-style tabbed browser for the latest Android OS, with a unique InReach interface which places tabs and menus at the bottom, within easy reach of your hand. iLunascape makes your Android browsing a breeze!

iLunascape for Android includes the following features:

  • InReach interface
  • Switch tabs by thumb slide
  • Highlighted Search
  • Find In Page
  • Up to 6 tabs open at the same time
  • Restore tabs from the last session
  • Show search results in a new tab
  • Open bookmarks in a new tab
  • Social Networks integration
  • Save Page (as htm or jpg)
  • Download files and upload them to Dropbox
  • Hold on a link or image to open it in a new (foreground or background) tab
  • Show/Hide the tab bar
  • Show/Hide the title bar
  • Switch user agent
  • Lock/Unlock rotation
  • Delete history and cookies
  • Clear cache
  • Change home page

Release Notes

For details on this version, see the release notes.


Please post your feedback, suggestions and/or bug reports in our Support Forum.

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