Before using the forum

In this forum you can freely discuss about Lunascape, iLunascape, and other services.

Please be aware that any content that is judged to be inappropriate or contrary to our policy of manners and ethics will be deleted.

The forum has been categorized, and is divided into each product.


Lunascape/Windows - Contents related to Lunascape Orion

iLunascape/iPhone - Contents related to iLunascape for iPhone

iLunascape/iPad - Contents related to iLunascape for iPad

iLunascape/Android - Contents related to iLunascape for Android

Others - Contents of other products and services


The forum of each category contains the following

How-to questions - Questions on how to use our products and services

Requests - Suggestions and improvements for each product and service

Bug reports - Bug reports related to our products and services


Online Help here

Old forum here

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